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Anything with a {---} will have a translation in the description

You had been dusting off your shelves early one morning, showing off your antique china given to you by your mother as a gift before you moved to Germany.
You were majoring in linguistics and had the confidence in your own language skills to move into a foreign land and use German to the best of your abilities. After years of studying you were proud to say you could speak it fluently and could understand even the most rapid of speakers. This had been your dream for so long and now you were finally able to transfer over and finish your studies here too.

While you were cleaning through the china cabinet however you could still see the disappoint in your mother's eyes but the happiness for you too. She had wanted you to get married, settle down, and have at least two kids. You told her to leave that to your reckless brother so you wouldn't have anything to tie you down as you chased these dreams and lived a successful life. So she gave you these cups and plates as a gift to remember home and congratulate you. (You of course tried not to think about the fact that she had given your brother the same thing as a wedding present).

Yes, it had taken three months of settling in but this lifestyle was finally growing on you. You enjoyed the culture like a cup of freshly brewed, strong coffee.
Tonight you were planning on making traditional Knödel to go with your Schweinshaxe just for the hell of it. New things to taste meant new things to try, right?
However it was only early in the day and you still needed to run to the store and get all the ingredients you would need. Thankfully you had time.

You pulled out the next edition in a series of textbooks for Indo European based languages you had been taking notes on; an introduction to the French language. Some found it absurd, the amount of effort you put into studying and learning more and more every day.
You were talented all right but you weren't sure what lured you from the Germanic branches of English to German first.
So as you soaked yourself in knowledge, pushing up your reading glasses you didn't notice the fresh spring morning outside.

Birds flew from branch to branch, singing their love songs as their little chirps were carried on the calm breeze that would follow the fluttering butterflies. Everything seemed softer, brighter, and lush. You of course ignored it, too deep in an ocean of text to focus on anything else.
Well, you at least tried to ignore it until it slammed into your window.
You had jumped, glasses nearly falling off your nose as you swiveled around to face the window the crash had come from.
You moved the textbook from your lap to the coffee table, taking off your glasses and getting up to open the backdoor.
You looked around on your back porch, rather confused to find nothing- until you heard the little cheep.
A small yellow bird was flapping and hopping around in the grass, one wing out stretched and the other furrowed close to his body. He seemed to be in pain, tipping over and rolling around on his back, kicking his feet wildly to get his balance back.
You bit at your nails.
You had never been very good with animals, especially birds. Your parents never let you have any pets. Should you... bring him inside?
You sighed, knowing it would only haunt you if you left the poor thing hurt and alone in the grass.

You dug around in your hall closet, finding a shoe box and a towel before returning outside and slowly approaching the bird on your knees, holding out your hands with the towel, ready to scoop him up. He cheeped, backing up nervously.
"It's alright little guy, I'm not going to hurt you-"
Just as you were about to pick him up a little... thing with white hair and a hamster like squeal or screech came running at you from behind the fluffy bird.
You fell backwards on your butt, scrambling back.
It continued coming at you after tripping and shuffling through your unmowed grass until you were cornered against your porch step.
This was when you got your first glimpse of it before it came running out and started whacking your leg with a tree branch.
It looked like.... like... a little human with snow colored hair and ruby red eyes. You pulled your feet away, tucking yourself in as you look down at it with fascination.
Until of course he came running at you and started whacking you again.
"Woah woah woah, hold on little guy!" You picked him up (a him as you could tell), not being able to help yourself.
Obviously this displeased the little fellow as he sunk his tiny teeth into your thumb, biting you as hard as he could.
You yelped, dropping him back into the grass and holding your now bleeding thumb in your towel as he scurried off back to the bird. He hugged to its side as it let out a cheep, making you wonder. Was he guarding the bird?
"I'm sorry, I wasn't going to hurt him I was just..."
The little man gave you a glare before burying his face in soft, downy yellow feathers.
You sighed, crawling closer and only getting cheeped and glared at. "Look he's hurt and.... and I want to help. {Ich will helfen}."
He turned back to you when you spoke in German, considering this for awhile while giving you that uncertain look.
There was silence for awhile, not even the birds in the trees daring to open their beaks until the tiny white haired person took a step back and the bird relaxed as you scooped him up with the towel.

You turned and placed him in the shoe box before carrying him back inside when the hamster sized human tried to keep up and follow. You looked down at him for a second, accepting the fact he wasn't going to leave the bird's side and that you weren't just going to kick him out. In all honesty you didn't know quite what to do. Things like this didn't happen every day.
You placed the box on the coffee table since you had no where else to put it (unless you wanted it on your table but it’s not like you knew where this bird had come from and what diseases they carried) before fetching your own finger a bandaid.
The tiny man had struggled, climbing your couch and then taking a leap onto your coffee table so he could climb in the box and hug onto his bird when you came back with bandages and peroxide from your medicine cabinet.
He got defensive again as you reached in to scoop out his friend in which you only promised him that you would not hurt him and that you were here to help (In German of course since he seemed to be the most responsive to it).
You didn't know anything about broken bones so you had to fetch a neglected medical textbook from your bookshelf, one from your mother who had studied to be a veterinarian before getting married herself.
You first tried to identify if there was a break, sighing in relief when you couldn't feel one or the feathery guest wouldn't struggle. No broken bones meant not having to pay for hefty expenses at the local veterinary clinic.
It seemed only to be sprained so you slung it up with bandages, making sure it was cradled close to his side before collapsing on the couch and staring up at the ceiling, letting your mind run at a million miles per hour.
Injured Bird taken care of? Check.
What to do with the tiny human? No idea.
Was it some sort of... pet? It was too humanistic to be any sort of animal so you couldn't bring it to the pound. You really didn't know WHAT to do with it or HOW to take care of it. As far to your knowledge- and Google's- no breed of homo-sapiens existed this way.
So as he hugged onto his now taken care of feathered friend, you leaned down to get another look.
With soft but short white hair, large and deep red eyes, pale skin and tiny arms and legs to match his small body, he was essentially a teacup sized albino. He barely racked in at five inches tall.
The funniest part was his tiny clothes. They made him look like a tiny crusader with a stick sword at his side and a torn white cape that covered his equally dirty and ragged tunic and pants. Everything he wore looked like they were cut badly with safety scissors from a bed sheet and then sewn to fit a Barbie©.
So you decided the first thing he needed was a good scrubbing, brushing, and a new outfit. But with your first decision came your first realization. You still had to go grocery shopping for your dinner and other food on the lowly pay check you had. You didn't want to leave him... alone, but how bad could he be?
"Look, I'm going to go get some food for the next two weeks so I expect you to be good and watch your feathery friend to make sure he heals.  When I get back I'm giving you a bath, alright? {Be good, then bath}."
He looked up at you and before you could question if he understood or not he let out a squeak like laugh (not to be confused with a squeaky laugh of course)- one of the cutest laughs you had ever heard- and nodded.
You tried not to explode from his absolutely adorable existence so you sighed and reminded yourself of your errand, grabbing your handbag and keys, looking at your home one last time before locking the door behind you and praying nothing would happen while you were gone.
By the time you returned it had been almost an hour thanks to the long lines at the store but you managed to get enough food not to starve and picked up a bag worth half a kilogram of bird seed (a bit more than a pound) though knowing the feathery guest probably wouldn't be around long enough to eat all of it.
When you slid the key into the lock and turned the handle you immediately regretted those decisions you had made as you could just tell something was wrong the minute you stepped in.
You walked to the kitchen before dropping your bags just like your jaw in a look of shock, your mouth hanging open.
Cabins had been flung open, a handle had been broken off, whatever flour you originally had had been spilled across the counter in a wonderland of snow and your trashcan had been knocked to the floor, scattering its contents and picked at. You only had to follow the trail of flour covered bird tracks and little dot like footprints to know who did this.
You were absolutely pissed to be honest, no nicer way to put it. With only rage filled thoughts you stormed into the other rooms, slamming open closets, trying to find where the little rascals responsible had gone.
You huffed, storming back out to your living room when you heard the shrill warlike cry (that you recognized from when you first met the pair) and then a strange laugh like ‘keseseseses’ when something zoomed over your head at an angle, crashing into the wall and immediately turning over and lopsidedly flying into the coffee table.

You let out an unholy screech, seeing the little albino on the back of the yellow bird who had ripped free of his bandages and sling like a neutered dog without his Elizabethan cone.
Making a dive for the pair, the injured bird only cheeped and took to the air again in a failed attempt to fly straight, obviously still pained in flight. His friend held on tightly, swinging his stick sword with his laugh you didn’t find that adorable now that he was wrecking your house.
“{KOMM ZURÜCK DUMMKÖPFE!}” You chased them around as they knocked books off their shelves and pictures off the wall before the worst of it happened.

Everything seemed to slow down with you reaching desperately for the bird and his rider, letting out a cry of dismay as they were unable to steer away, running straight into the glass of the cabinet that held your china, rows of plates rocking forward with the impact and shattering against one another as they took the fall.
Your mother’s beautiful china, hand painted and passed on through 4 generations, destroyed.
You fell to your knees, the bird bouncing off the glass and into your lap as you started up, mortified at what was left of the plates, cups, everything.
The little person seemed to sense now the true error he had made. He hid shamefully behind the now quiet bird as it pulled its wings close to its body as if buckling down for a beating.
You slowly looked back down at the two, still processing everything as you stood back up in a daze, opening the cabinet and letting the fragments of what was left spill out onto the carpet around your feet.
You fell to your knees again, cutting them up a bit as you held the pieces in your hands and started to tear up. Suddenly you wanted nothing more than to leave Germany and go back to your mother, realizing how much you truly missed her and how it felt like a little piece of what comfort you had left, died. I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to-
This time you linger on the little man as he gently tugged at the hem of your shirt. You didn’t know what the say and you were too weak hearted to scold him for the damage he had caused to your house by being so reckless but he had unearthed a piece of you you didn’t know even existed. You were homesick.

He climbed back up into your lap timidly and tried to hug your arm the best he could for comfort, letting out something between a whimper and whine. You must’ve been stressing him out without your optimism and good nature and he only wanted you to cheer up.  
You still looked at him hurt, trying to process everything and… fix what you could and try to cope.
You went into a drone like mode, letting him crawl into your hand as you brought him into the bathroom- which had also been ripped up by their gallivant- and washed him off in the sink with warm water, followed by his bird who relaxed a bit easier.

After placing them both back in the box with a fluffy dry towel to kept them warm, you droned on, only feelings… tired as you cleaned the counters, fixed the kitchen, put the books back up, vacuumed and swept up the shards and reordered your bathroom before tucking in for the night, much early than usual. You did not think about the notes you had taken that day and you did not think about the things you would do tomorrow. You only fell into an empty, dreamless sleep.
Of course, you never woke up to the scuttling and strange sounds outside your door either
The next morning you awoke to your alarm clock blaring, reminding you of your classes to attend but somehow they didn’t seem very important today, like you had given up on your dreams after smashing a few antique plates (which was of course a stupid decision).

You headed to the kitchen that you thanked quietly was still clean, only popping some toast in the toaster. When you buttered the warm slice you decided to check up on your two guests to make sure nothing else happened.
And what you found was more surprising then when they had broken the chinaware.
On top of your textbook laid a torn out sheet of loose leaf with notes on the back you had taken, along with a scatter of crayons on the coffee table.

You were first about to be consumed with more despair when you saw what was written, or more correctly stated, drawn on the blank side of the sheet.
Scribbled with a yellow crayon you never knew you had was a little bird with a messily drawn boy with white hair and a black cross on the front of his tunic and sword. Though it looked as if only a child had drawn it you saw the effort that was put into it.
In even messier writing and backwards letters was the word {traurig} and a little heart drawn next to the boy on the page.
On the bottom it read ‘From: The Awesome Gilbert and Gilbird’.

Gilbert and Gilbird? How cute, their names matched.  You looked over at the box only to find they were fast asleep, probably from staying up all night and making the card. But does it really take that long to draw?
You glanced back at the cabinet, expecting only to be filled with the sadness from the empty spaces in it before you almost fell off the couch.
“T-the c-cups…. T-the p-plates…” You pointed with wide eyes, back at the cabinet where each and every cup, plate, saucer broken had been placed, back in order, inside the cabinet. You raced over, eyes almost bulging in surprise and upon closer inspection you found each one had been carefully glued back together.
In total that was about 11 of the items your mother had given you.
It was so obvious there was no other way you could’ve thought it was somebody else who did it. Gilbert and Gilbird (you were happy now you could put a name to a face but too shocked to think about that) had stayed up, all night, fixing the chinaware.
You almost exploded right there, so touched they would do that and so grateful. Even if the repair wasn’t perfect it was good enough for you and it meant a lot to you.
3rd POV:

Gilbert awoke, blinking his sore eyes tiredly against the sun, disturbed by the excited cheeping of his feathery steed Gilbird, who was almost as awesome as him, but awesome enough.
The girl who had taken them in the day previous and the girl they had stayed up for to make right their mistakes was cooking and the delicious smells overwhelmed his sprained friend.
The time was about 4:00 pm, late enough for lunch and early enough for dinner so he began guessing what it could be she was making when she came out no more than two seconds later with a steeping plate full of Knödel and Schweinshaxe.
His eyes lit up, standing up to jump up and down and let out a victorious laugh, trying to make it sound deep and manly- the way he imagined himself to be- when it really only sounded like an adorable squeak.
She smiled, making him smile in return as he jumped on the meat and bit in without any silverware, Gilbird joining in too by pecking at one of the potato and dough balls.
It didn’t take very long to go from famished to stuffed like a pig at a fair so Gilbert fell off the meat he had pounced on, rolling back on his tummy when she laughed light heartedly, putting him back on his feet.

“I thought you might like the food. And here, complimentary of me, I made you a new… outfit.” She pulled out a hand sewn, clean white tunic with a black cross she had taken time to stitch in.
(A talent you learned from your mother that had stuck, making you feel more at rest with the homesickness you had unveiled)
Gilbert snatched it, looking at it in awe before nodding in approve. It was truly AWESOME.
“BUT FIRST- you need a bath.”
He pouted, grumbling which only made him pathetically cute, as she let him rest in her hands and bring him to the bathroom for another wash, now that he was covered in food and grease.
After the quick shower you helped him change into his new clothes with a cute little specialized cloak to complete the look.
He turned in the mirror, posing with his sword and grinning, laughing his strange little ‘keseseses’ of approve as she knelt down and smiled, watching him admire how ‘manly’ his reflection was.
“I could always make you tasty food like that and patch up your clothes if you would…”
She paused, thinking over her decision again before settling on it again, this time with more confidence in her choice.
“{Wenn Sie möchten, um zu bleiben}.”
Those we’re the only words he needed to hear as he ran up to her, letting go of his ‘manliness’ just long enough for him to hug her the best he could at five inches, getting the sweetest laugh and smile he would ever see from the pretty young lady.
Pocketsized! Prussia x Reader
It only took the ENTIRE SUMMER TO FINISH. Actually it was a summer of procrastination but you get my drift. I was also running an art blog so now I'm scrambling to work on that update. Anyways, thanks to the magic of Google translate, not my own knowledge since I barely pass as bilingual. Also, I obviously do not own Hetalia, the Barbie company, or Bandaids so don't even try to get me started on disclaimers. (All of the writing belongs to me however so paws off.Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] ) Just to note I'm much of a Prussia fangirl, but for some reason I LOVED writing this.
So here you guys go (courtesy of Google Translate):
Ich will helfen   ~    I want to help
Bitte                 ~    Please
traurig              ~    Sorry
Wenn Sie möchten, um zu bleiben - if you want to stay



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